A very common question we need to answer every day is, what is Virtual Reality and what can i do with this?

We can tell you that you may swim in the ocean alongside with whales, get your own flag in mountain Everest, gather your friends and try to survive in a world full of zombies, save the planet Earth from malicious robots , participate alone or with friends in war games like call of duty, but in a very realistic form, exercise by dancing, traveling to the planets of our solar system, playing various escape rooms and so much more..

The truth is that no matter how many pages we write or however we may describe the experience for you, words cannot deliver the immersion you will feel by wearing the mask.

We have designed our space in a way that you have enough freedom of movement for a greater degree of realism, but also ensure the maximum safety for all people, regardless if this is their first time in virtual reality or have tried it in the past. The common range of age someone can experience virtual reality is from 8 years old up to 98!

Virtual reality has been used in recent years in U.S and Europe as a mean of entertainment, education as also as a therapeutic tool for both adults and children with disabilities or forms of autism.

In short, if your question is:
Q: Can I try too?
A: Anyone can try from the age of 8-98 years old with no diagnosed computer related disorders.

Q: So what can I do if I wear the mask?
A: You can do whatever you wish, you can be whoever you like. There are a lot of experiences and games for everyone. Your imagination is your only limit.

Q: I do not like playing games and especially alone.
A: You can bring your friends or family too. You will interact and communicate, work together to solve puzzles, and you will certainly not be isolated as with the conventional type of games we have been accustomed to in front of a computer screen. Basically, you don’t even have to play games, you can enjoy for example award-winning documentaries etc..

Q. Where is enjoyVR located?
A. You will find us in the center of Arta, at 5 Maximou Graikou Street, and the contact number is 26810-77720. We will be happy if you visit or call us and we will resolve any questions you may have.

Q. So, we arrive at your place. Do I put on the mask and the adventure begins?
A. Not exactly! When you arrive and it’s your turn to play, we take the time to familiarize you with our high quality equipment. We make sure you can move around and act independently in the virtual world. Most of our guests are amazed at how smoothly and quickly they become accustomed to the virtual world. From the beginning to the end of your experience, our staff is always there for you, anytime for any queries and guidance if you need it.

Q: I’d like to have my birthday party there / a celebration or some other event. Is it possible?
A. If you want to host a birthday party, celebration or any other event, please contact us and we will help you share with your family and friends or colleagues, a unique virtual reality experience that will be unforgettable.
Events and parties can accommodate up to 16 people, ages 8 and up.
For more information contact us at 26810-77720 or send us a message on our page at Facebook & Instagram, enjoyVR.greece.

Looking forward welcoming you and answer all your requests and inquiries. Are you VReady??